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oh abuser

I’m sure I’ll never forget, forgive. To consciously choose to implore violence on another human being because you’ve become emotionally angry is deplorable. Forget the fact the abusee is but a pre-teen midst their most trying of years and the abuser a man reaching well into mid-life. To think that one chooses violence on a daily basis to empower themselves over those that are not what they want. I’m flabbergasted.

Seek your redemption oh abuser. Reach out and attempt to mend. Mend your ‘wounds’ so hurt you seem. You’ll find no solace from mine heart. You’ve beaten and torn so brutally before. I may have come to terms with your atrocity but I will not forgive nor forget. These bright scars will stand testament to the blight on your soul. 

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And so goes the perpetual loop. 
Round and round
To keep the notions going
Never to stop
Your ideals your thoughts
Remember truly they are passed
off to the next generation
They’ll foster in the minds
Taking root, little known
Keep up with your prejudice
Your ignorance
Set that standard high
Feed the masses with that bull
No need. 
I’m comfy in my chair on high
Here’s our Mother beaten broken
Don’t worry that torch is too hot
You’ll pass it off soon enough

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Farm 432: Insect Breeding by Katharina Unger - How we may eat in the future

From DeZeen:

Graduate designer Katharina Unger has designed a table-top insect breeding farm that allows people to produce edible fly larvae in their homes. "Farm 432 enables people to turn against the dysfunctional system of current meat production by growing their own protein source," said Unger. […] "Black soldier fly larvae are one of the most efficient protein converters in insects, containing up to 42% of protein, a lot of calcium and amino acids," the designer adds. After 432 hours, 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs turns into 2.4 kilograms of larvae protein, so Unger predicts that people could harvest approximately 500 grams of larvae a week, producing two meals. […] Her favourite recipe with the insects so far is larvae and tomato risotto: “I like to mix parboiled rice with wild rice together with the larvae, put a lot of tomato sauce in it and a bit of parmesan cheese. A bit of parsley or basil on top and you have a perfect meal.” […] Unger explained that by 2050 meat production will need to increase by 50 percent to meet population increase, predicting that because we already use one third of croplands for the production of animal feed, it will be necessary to develop alternative food sources and production methods.

[read more] [Katharina Unger]

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mayjoonamjuly asked: So do you think the soul/spirituality has more to do with intellect or with character/morals? (Or an equal amount of both?).What do you think we're growing towards when we grow spiritually? (Grow meaning progressing positively). I'm real curious now after reading that again!

Your soul is in a sense you, to say you are more one than the other is an oddity if ever I’ve seen one. Both compliment each other. Your character / morals tell us how you interact with others in certain situations, intelligence to decipher how individuals and things react to what you do. 

Both play a substantial part I think. Not to say you can’t be exceptionally spiritual without intelligence, just that you may need some guidance, or the intellect of others to help guide you down the right path.

Leading into your seconds question I believe everyone is growing towards bettering their lives. Through the means of bettering others, or the means of bettering the things in which we use/inhabit. Maybe some are misguided but that doesn’t mean they’re lost at all. Perhaps others don’t attempt to grow spiritually and that is why we have bad stuff? 

Basically what I’m saying it is all one gigantic interconnected web, one effecting the other effecting the other and so on and such forth. This is me merely speculating, I can’t say honestly whether any of this is truth, but what I’m trying to make sense out of it.  

I think I’ve given myself more questions than answers now. It doesn’t help that I can’t seem to use my words to describe what I am thinking. 

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Soulful Guy

     I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole conceptuality of souls and the overall spirituality. I’ve been asking people, and reading what other’s views on the matter are and honestly I’m getting such conflicting information it’s rather, intriguing. Makes it hard for one, who is as science/fact driving as myself to come to a positive conclusion about the whole thing. But nonetheless, I sit here and I think about it. Coming from a completely non-religious background/view point I think I’ve found an answer that makes sense to me. Here goes for my trying to explain it, hopefully it makes sense.

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I sometimes find myself looking up from my back lit screen, up from the constant taping of a keyboard, the clicking of a mouse up to a world I am not completely plugged into. I see colors expressed exceptionally more beautiful than what even the greatest and latest LCD HP 1080p LED monitors are able, and I must say I like it. I enjoy how much depth the environment has, how much character the objects around me take on just by seeing them with my own eyes.

I’m entranced by the beauty of the simplest of things, a plain white flower, a slowly crawling caterpillar, the grass swaying in the wind, clouds drifting and shifting in the endless blue sky. The sun streaking it’s rays across our atmosphere, burning it to life in the morning. From the simplest speck of dust to the most complicated spider web. Everything.

I’ve even began to notice a connectiveness between these things. I can’t say it’s as simple as looking real hard with your eyes strained, as if though you were merely on the last bit of energy you had but still wanted to browse the internet for a minute longer. But more just perceiving that bond.

You can’t see it with the latest 3490 MP cameras, reach out touch with a hand, or even register it on the world’s most sensitive spectrum analyzer. It merely just is. A fabric strung amongst all that exists. Affecting each other in perhaps the most subtle of ways, or the most life-threatening.

Words to describe something as absurdly intricate and mind-boggling as this are what I do not possess. All I can do is merely suggest setting aside your Tumblr, Reddit, Chive, Facebook, Google Searching, Youtube, Twitter, everything and look out the window and try experience something you haven’t in a while. Perhaps you’ll see something new, experience something you’ve seen on those sites.

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silently sweeping up the shore
silhouttes sailed overboard
swayng slightly on the sand
stalking, slipping toward the town
simply sing you blind swine
swords surely would raise high
smarts swimming due to sickness
soiled soup not so delicious
such stupor is truly stupendous
sane sailors though never wimper
stomache searching then is slinging
slimey slop thrown askew
Slouching strengthless never seeing
swarming slabs of rock
shining stains freshly strewn
simple sleepers become but sheep

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I feel stupid and upset I didn’t get to talk to you more

Angry and remorseful I took so long

what is wrong?

didn’t get you as much as would’ve liked

Thinking bout how much we have; maybe a little less is cool

Now that it’s happened, i’m just a fool

All day and all night you and me

Reverse one of our worlds; wish it were

a simple world, our simple words

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How sad to see

Two hundred souls

gathered in a great hall

Souls filled with laughter, happiness

and most importantly love

But today they’re all quiet. 

How eerie that hall.

To be so full; yet so devoid.

News brought out; our brothers

fallen pray to the cold hard grasp

Death has come and claimed her prize

What she leaves is hard indeed. 

We must soldier on though

Their lives given to this great war

shant be in vain on this day

Our tears shed, but our heads held high

we will continue on

down this hard life

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You say don’t

but I can’t help but to
well you know it’s all because of you
A day; just one of them days
I know, I surely do
But my words see no effect
tragically, all I’ve got now
We ain’t separated that far,
compared to all the ‘verse
But it may as well 
be just that far
Because we can’t embrace
you and me
though I’m sure such a simple act
would do loads of help
for taking some of the stress
of your burdened chest
Let me take your hand
follow you down this rough road
your silent Atlas tagging along
They may not be much, these words
so fervently scribbled down
but right now, they’re all
I can offer a troubled you
Know the words themselves
mean little to me, more how they feel;
feel to you, feel to me
Smile bright now, knowing I’ll be here
for all you’ll ever need

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It never is as simple, huh? 

One makes mistakes in the past, but can’t help remember them, how the affected those held close, how they affect those to come. Going to fast, pledging before the right time to the wrong person. How is one suppose to come back from such harsh things? The breaking of a million bonds how bad is that to knowing whom you should be with was so close all along, and yet you still decided to move on? Will they forgive, forget? Merely human, made of flesh and blood. A brain full of wit and dumb. The right circumstances lead astray, two souls searching, making a bond, but was all wrong. Go back to the heart, the heart that knew all along. 

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I know how fragile and violent the human condition is, to say that war, in our lifetime, wouldn’t happen I would be just the fool. We as a species have yet to evolve from that state. Whether or not we truly will is of great debate. In the meantime, there will thousands of innocents, many times more, to justify the need of someone higher up wanting more power. Such is the way it is in many.

But for the many of greed, there are growing numbers that are not like that. They are kind, humble, thoughtful, truly sincere individuals. Hopefully as time passes on and generations teach their young of the values and morals that a society needs in order to be a peaceful society the change will occur and no longer will war be necessary.

That should be the end product.

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A simple touch

An elegant glance

A swift breeze

A bright color

A shy glance

A magnificent feeling

Mostly the feeling

That inexplicable feeling

So heavy, yet soft

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